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Invisible benefits of Policies

The Invisible Benefits of Policies and Procedures Many entrepreneurs balk at the thought of writing a policy manual.  In most cases, the entrepreneur makes all the decisions so policies and procedures seem to inhibit more than help.  The owner-operator fails to see that the lack of rules is keepin

Balance Life and Livelihood

“This place is fantastic.  I think everyone should come here.”  An incredible statement from a convicted executive about his new home at the Federal Prison in Taft California.  When the 67 year old arrived at the institution, he hobbled in with the use of a cane.  The stress of his arrest an

The value of financial friends

  Meet my buddy ROI.  ROI should be your friend too.  ROI compares the money you earn to the money you invested.  Very few entrepreneurs spend much time thinking about ROI, but that is a big mistake.  ROI is a jealous fellow, always comparing himself to other potential friends.  Also known

Acquisition Integration

  You bought a business with the intent to increase the one you had.  The acquisition of a complimentary business is the most efficient way of growing your income and equity.  Theoretically you can increase sales and reduce administrative costs.  In reality, integrating a new business will b

The Business Owner Shift

The swing shift can be an exhausting occupation. Some say you get accustomed to it, but it’s not natural for the body to stay up all night, days in a row, and then shift to day work. At least working nights brings premium pay. Entrepreneurs leave eight-hour shifts behind and replace them with 24/7