Business Leaders Understand the Power of Attitude

Business Leaders Understand the Power of Attitude

For hundreds of years people have sought for signs in the heavens. Astrologers have invented personalities and probabilities of future events, based on the stars that appeared in the sky at the time of one’s birth. The Christmas star, as recorded in the New Testament, was symbolic of a gift of light to the world. Today, we “shoot for the stars” as a symbol of our drive to reach great heights. If your business is the vehicle in which you propose to reach those heights, then you should know this aeronautical expression, ATTITUDE. Attitude is the orientation of the flying machine to a constant line or plane. Attitude also determines your emotional response to the stimuli that surrounds you.

Your attitude may not be relevant if you intend to remain where you are, but if you want to progress, then your attitude will be crucial. What are the signs of your attitude? Recent surveys have shown that our societal attitudes don’t hold much hope for the future. For the first time in our history, a majority of people don’t believe that our children’s lives will be better than our own. That hopelessness is indicated by an increase of violence and civil disobedience. A successful entrepreneur will buck that thought. Indeed, all successful people know that attitude is the difference that makes champions.

While the masses wallow in hopelessness, the entrepreneur will be watching for a light at the end of the tunnel. Employees prefer to work for a positive leader. In fact, your positive attitude will attract positive people. Their behavior will attract more and better customers. It all sounds so celestial.
Those with a negative attitude will deny that such objects are obtainable. They also speak negatively of their employees. They blame the economy or the government or their customers for their financial condition. All they see on the horizon is more of the same. Fortunately, an attitude is merely a perspective and you can change your perspective by looking at your situation a different way. You don’t need to alter your course significantly. Small adjustments are sufficient.

Start by noticing the good things your employees do and tell them you noticed. Greet your customers with a smile. See them as your friends and they will reciprocate. Stop hating the people in the other party. You’ll find the economy is not as bad as you think, if you accept that someone makes money in every situation. That someone could be you if you have the right attitude.

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