Thousands of entrepreneurs report that their personnel are the biggest roadblock to growth.  After years of developing high-performance entrepreneurs, we turned our attention to our client’s biggest headache, their people.  Surprisingly, we found that the staff often knows what changes are needed, but they are intimidated by the boss.  In this two to four hour session we have exponentially increased productivity by:

  • Identifying the root causes of limited productivity.
  • Pinpointing substandard personnel
  • Highlighting management weaknesses
  • Revealing work flow roadblocks
  • Soliciting staff involvement in the solution
  • Identifying necessary tasks to improvement
  • Properly delegating improvement functions
  • Initiating a follow-up process.

The discovery process taps into the staff’s creativity and promotes their involvement using unthreatening tools.  Most sessions involve a lot of laughing and sharing.  We spend a lot of time discussing what is good about the bosses and their businesses.  Most importantly we finish with an action plan for improvement that the staff believes will make a difference.  They are more willing to work the plan because they helped to create it.  They happily do more and don’t even realize their added effort.

Suggested format / timeline:

  • Owner and Staff
  • A pleasant meeting room away from the shop
  • One two to four hour session
  • Capture and post all input and recommendations
  • Report findings and action items.

The price for this activity is $1,000 with a 50% retainer and balance due upon delivery of the report.  Please call with any questions.

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