Synergy Planning is the next generation of Strategic Planning.  Following are some businesses that have benefited from this dynamic vehicle of positive change: PC Concepts, The Kern County Museum Foundation, BFGC Architects, Mt. Poso Cogeneration, J.L. Denio, Kern Delta Water Storage District, Phase 1, Ace Hydraulics, and others.  All of these organizations increased their efficiencies by at least 30%.  One realized a 250% turnaround in net income.


Our proprietary process requires some pre-planning research, 8 hours of planning and three quarterly follow-up sessions.  The follow-ups seldom last more than three hours each.  We have developed special tools that help the team members achieve consensus.  The team evaluates their working environment, both internal and external.  They establish long term objectives.  Once there is consensus on the objectives, the team determines the necessary tasks to achieve the goals.  Each member of the team accepts assignments with a deadline for completion.  The follow-up sessions require accountability from every team member including the boss.  I maintain a written log of the planning process and give the team copies of their assignments.  The written reports from each planning session are action plans in outline form.  They make it easy for you to maintain control and me to require accountability.

The purpose of Synergy Planning is to capitalize on the strengths of your team and work together in a concentrated effort.  I can affirm that it works and I offer you letters of recommendation. Please call me to discuss how this proven method of business improvement can work for you.

Suggested format / timeline:

  • Only the management team is invited to participate
  • Two hours of staff time for pre-planning
  • A pleasant meeting room away from the plants
  • One seven to eight-hour day for the session
  • Capture and post all input and recommendations
  • Create an action plan for improvement
  • Delegate assignments
  • Return quarterly to require accountability
  • Report findings and action items after each session.

The price for this activity is $10,000 billed as follows: $2,000 retainer, $5,000 upon delivery of the action plan, $1,000 after each quarterly follow-up.