The thing that has produced the greatest success for our clients is our HPE Action Plan software. Created by an MBA and a CPA, then enhanced by a Master of Organizational Behavior, it has been the impetus for hundreds of millions of dollars in business growth. Most of our clients are local, but you may be familiar with PopCap Games the creator of Bejewelled and many on INC Magazine’s lists of the nation’s fastest growing businesses. Using the HPE Action Plan, John Vechey the owner of PopCap, built his business over 11 years and sold it for $1.3 billion to Electronic Arts in 2011.

Before you start your action plan, you should begin with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, according to Jim Collins, author of Good to Great. We suggest a goal of 5 times your current revenue or $1 million, whatever is greater. Don’t worry about how you will accomplish that. Just set the goal. Write your goal and stick it to the wall where you and everyone else can see it. Break your revenue goal into weekly sales by dividing by 50 weeks (Give yourself a 2 week vacation), then divide by your average sale. Now write what you will need to achieve that goal each week. You might need more locations, more salespeople, more managers, better technology, better accounting, better distribution, better vendors and more capital. Once you have written what you will need, I invite you to register using the link below and start your plan for million-dollar growth today. When you get to number two, you can honestly say that you have written the Vision for your company.

Following a business expert is often like making a sandwich, when the instructor only describes one ingredient like lettuce or pickles.  To make the sandwich, you need a list of all the ingredients and any special instructions.  You can’t build a business on social media alone.  Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs is a list of the activities that highly successful businesses perfect as they grow.  Each item offers specific instructions in the following disciplines:

  • Ownership
    What business owners should be working on as they delegate daily functions to managers.
  • Management
    Policies and practices to guide hired managers and protect the owners from incompetence and dishonesty.
  • Accounting
    Numbers are essential management tools.  Management needs these principles to oversee, understand and use financial reports.
  • Production
    Beyond the human resource rules required by the government, this section describes how to get the most productivity from your people.
  • Protection
    Making money is only part of a successful business.  Owners need to generate equity by protecting what they make.  Protection practices are all about keeping the wealth you earn.
  • The Next Phase
    While only a few businesses advance to be publicly traded, owners should understand and aspire to the consummate business success.  These practices push management to ever higher results.

Scores of High Performance Entrepreneurs have increased their revenue by millions of dollars, including:

Joe Coughlin of Coconut Joes started at $500,000 in sales, he implemented Best Practices and currently does over $5 million.

Sal Avila of Mauricios started a small diner and sold $300,000 a year. He implemented Best Practices and now has three restaurants with gross sales in excess of $4 million.

Bruce Wileman of Porterville Citrus developed a citrus packing business to $3 million. After implementing Best Practices, now does $30 million.

Donn Harvey and Nishit Mehta were both honored on the Inc 500 list of the nation’s fastest growing businesses after implementing Best Practices.

John Vechey created the internet game Bejeweled. After implementing Best Practices sold his business for $1.3 billion.

Special Features for High Performance Entrepreneurs:

  • Little reading
  • Presented in checklist fashion
  • Helps indentify only the things you need to work on
  • Helps delegate with confidence
  • Alerts you to dangers you didn’t know exist.

Free Book

On-line consulting costs $50 per month.  When you subscribe, you get the book Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs for free.