Ten Minute Retreats for Business Owners

I compare Ten-Minute Retreats to Chicken Soup for the business owner’s soul. It is a collection of short stories, articles and lists to help business owners quickly grow their business. It’s easy to read a section in ten minutes and I suggest doing so a few times a week.

While I was meeting with a client, his wife poked her head in the office door and asked if he had read the article she gave him. Frustrated, he replied, “Hon if you want me to read something, put it on the John. The working title of the book became “Bathroom reading for Business Owners. My advisors said that readers wouldn’t take that seriously so it became Ten-Minute Retreats for Business Owners.

It was inspired by the hundreds of entrepreneurs that I have helped to grow their business by at least $1 million. They didn’t have time to lounge around and read a whole book, so I distilled practical advice into short stories and lists that can be digested in just 10 minutes. Ten-Minute Retreats is not another chore, reading a story is like taking a short break. Instead of chapters, the book is divided into months. Each month follows a theme. The reader is encouraged to read one article a day maybe three days a week and apply the advice offered that month.

Treat yourself and your business to Ten-Minute Retreats for Business Owners and watch your take-home pay increase in just a few short months. More importantly, your equity will grow and you will have more time to do what you enjoy.

Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs

Best Practices is the original workbook for our HPE Action Plan. It contains 300 best practices, necessary for rapid and exponential business growth. It is probably worthwhile to read this before committing to our business growth process.

Dead Gold

Dead Gold is a treasure hunt based on the true story of my friend who found Japanese gold in the Philippines. While he was extracting the gold, the Philippine Minister of Defense threatened him with a gun to his head to leave the country. My goal in writing the book was to get people to establish their priorities between family and money. It’s a fun read.

The Family Business: Power Tools for Survival, Success, and Succession

The Family Business was the collaborative effort of me and my CPA brother. It has helped hundreds of families stay in business and not disown each other. It was the precursor to Best Practices. It is old but you can still get used copies cheap.